Charles Comer
President / Co Founder
Charles has been in the landscaping and lawn care business for 9 years. His passion has always been in the landscaping and lawn business. He loves to see home owners proud of their yard for years after his work is done. When Charles is not helping Wesley in his day to day operations, he is out talking to future clients and making sure everything is running smoothly.
Wesley Hook
Management / Client Coordinator
Wesley is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville, who one day aspires to pursue a career in law. For now, he is the foreman for Chuck’s Landscaping & Lawn Care, where he manages client coordination and helps Josh carry out the daily functions of Chucks Landscaping & Lawn Care.
Josh Hensley
Daily Operations / Lawn Maintenance
Josh has been in the landscaping industry for 5+ years now. He carries the day to day functions along with managing crews. Josh really enjoy's his employment with chuck's landscaping.
Monica Comer
Human Resources
Monica is a seasoned HR professional who has been with the company since its launch. Monica handles all aspects of employment for Chuck’s Landscaping and Lawn Care. When she is not busy training new crew members, she enjoys cooking and spending time with family.
Pamela Comer
Sales / Marketing
Pam has been running businesses since 1985. Here lately she finds herself spread throughout several industries taking care of the sales and marketing. Her primary focus for Chuck’s Landscaping & Lawn care is find cost efficient ways to market the company. She also is an adviser to the landscaping business.
Lisa Bentley
Bookkeeping / Financial Dept
Lisa carries a very important role at Chuck’s Landscaping & Lawn Care. She handles the day to day bookkeeping, payroll, client billing, assets, preparing for taxes. When Lisa is not busy working for Chuck’s Landscaping she is spending time with her boyfriend and their new loving cat Jasper.